Goals for New Year 2022: Setting Goals & Creative Idea for Goal Establishment

You have to set goals that are almost out of reach.
If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought. You are stuck with something below your true talent and Potential.

Life is a journey that is interesting and spicy at the same time. Either we can control our life or it will control us if not take the right decision from time to time along with add amazing twists to enjoy life. Here Amazing Twists are our dreams or desire that make our life more mesmerizing. 
  • How was our last year?
  • Why did that happen?
  • What I have learned from last year?
  • How can I improve myself and my life?
My Buddies, let us see how we can set our goals for this year using a few important aspects keeping in mind.

My Buddies, just live our life while adding beautiful experiences to it.

1. Set Purposeful Goals

Set Purposeful Goals are those goals that motivate us and create ease to work on that Goal. Such Goals are made after analyzing previous years.

2. Setting the goals which are specific in nature

Setting the goals is not sufficient till it is not specific in nature. Making those goals that motivate us and create ease to achieve those goals within us. 

For instance, She said, " I want to buy a car this year."
This statement is insufficient to motivate us.
Instead, add a twist to this, by adding which car and when we will be taking along with remembering that goal daily in order to take that many steps to make dream come true."

3. Break down our Goals

Completing our goal in one go is a bit difficult. 

"How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time!"  

Instead, First, Create Yearly Goals, then, Quarterly Goals and so on.

4. Time Block our week, days, Hours

Planning our week in advance can help us out to achieve what we wanted.

We will be sharing the technique soon.

5. Design a Powerful Action Plan

Designing a Powerful Action Plan is essential. This aspect includes Self-analysis ( weekly or daily basis). 
As we had a quick Self-Analysis, It's time to write a few changes that we wanted to do this year in us to achieve our goals. 
Changes can be:-
Daily Routine

6. Follow a success list and not a to-do list

Generally, Many of us make our to-do list in day-to-day life. One can't fetch goals with this To-Do list.
It is our personal experience. Just add 4-5 most important tasks that are going to complete on that specific day. 
This time, Make Success list with the strong desire to complete those on time. 

Creative Idea for Goal establishment 

What was our desire last year? Whether that was fully achieved?Any hidden insecurity that pressurizes and we are unable to live fully?Any strong aspiration that we wanted for so long?

As we are curious to make goals for ourselves. There are numerous ideas for my aspirant buddies. Goals must be high enough that can motivate us to come out of bed or make us forget our sorrow while working for such a mission. 

Adding a few missions for this year can make the year more happening. My Buddies, looking after our goals is most important than anything else. Place those goals near our desk in order to memorize and work on those goals every day. 

If we are unhappy with the unhealthy lifestyle, look forward to add healthy things with the motive to stay fit/ slim/ whatever we want.  
If we are planning to work on a decent project with limited resources, just break our goals into various aspects.
If we feel insecure just because of our looks, we can work on our looks. That can be physique or complexion.
If we feel like something is incomplete in our life, just try to add magical colors to it in order to enjoy our life. 

Just add whatever we want to achieve this year and work on those goals with a strong intention to accomplish. Try to take small actions for those goals we planned.

Still tuned for amazing content, My aspirant buddies.
Till then, Take care

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