What If We Handle Negativity around us Positively 

Does it happen to us, any controversy in office, downfall in business, major issues in family life? Are we facing the negative forces in our real world?
Such major trauma destroys us mentally and physically. 
Isn't it?
Feel like we can't focus on our Goals and Destiny.
If we feel the same that we have lots of negative forces in our lives. Even, though we haven't felt such thoughts or situations. Might be this happens to us in long run. 

There are a lot of things that happen in everyone's story can be any family dispute or sometimes, dealing with a controversial situation at the workplace that indulges us and doesn't let us grow in our life and takes our inner peace. 

Usually, everyone tries their best to control their emotions and doesn't let their morale down in the initial stage. With time, inner sensations leave us alone.

That time, we feel like we don't want to do anything and we lose hope in life. That's it.
There are times we feel like we are alone. 
Why can't we feel that we are enough and sufficient to handle anything that is happening to us? 
Can't we rely on ourselves for that? What do we think, my buddies? 

1. Detach from the things that don't matter to us in long run - Remember, things wouldn't matter to us. We should not give much importance to such aspects in our life.  

Just ask ourselves,
what will be better to respond?
just be a wise person,
The best way to respond is not to react much and move on.

2. Detox our soul- Detox is the best-known medicine for us whether we consider our body or heart. 
We must have heard that People detox their bodies in order to clean their bodies. In the same way, we can detox our hearts and minds to focus on the things we wanted to do in our entire lives. 

Some might be thinking how can we detoxify ourselves.

This can be supplying positivity to our body through numerous sources. It can be listening to our favorite music, playing our favorite sport or gyming, reading positive material, etc. It totally depends upon our mood and feelings.

3. Maintain a distance with such negative aspects - Maintaining a distance from such kinds of people is genuine. Remember, we will be keeping such people in our lives. Just to keep them away from our beloved hearts. It's not possible to remove negative people from our lives. The best solution for this is Don't keep them closer to our hearts. 

Sometimes, we should not leave such Negative People from life. Remember, this is not the solution to the given scenario. 
Such people can be our loved ones who are suffering from trauma. Holding their hands in that trauma can be fruitful for us in the long run. They will be our forever. 

Basically, if negativity is there in terms of jealousy, hatred, etc. Just let it to be, my buddies. 
Remember, Dealing with negative forces in terms of angry, toxic talk, will fetch us nothing but it will pass negativity that will destroy our peace and cross our whole body. It is better to challenge the situation. It would be outstanding and beat the circumstances makes us stronger and indeed, happier. 

Just keep on challenging these worse situations, my strong buddies.
Stay connected.

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