Skill vs Degree: which one to prioritize in the long run?

Are we qualified for the degree we wanted? Still, searching for the desired Job, have lots of fear when it comes to interviews and more. Feels like a lot to learn when it comes to a job in terms of skills and personal development.

Skills are considered to be one of the most important when it comes to interview or applying for the job. 

Top skills that can take us anywhere in the entire world:-

1. Communication skills
2. Teamwork Skill
3. Willing to learn
4. Time management
5. Problem Solver
6. Leadership Qualities

Earlier, It was sufficient to have a degree.  The weightage of the Degree was considerable. People used to neglect the importance of skills due to a lack of awareness. 

With time and Knowledge, People got conscious of Skills and Personality Development. 

Having such skills in this Technological world is a blessing. Working on the aspect called Skills, would be beneficial when it comes to interviews. Life would be much better in the presence of Skills. After Lots of research, we have concluded that if one is an expert in any of these skills, will be beneficial in the long run. 

Bill gates said in one of his interviews that Skills are more important in the long run. For this, he practiced a lot either by enhancing his skills or by reading lots of books. Even, He said that reading and abilities made him where he is today. 

Importance of Skills and Degree

The degree is a theoretical evaluation. Even, Degree has their own importance. It is given to a candidate after clearing some tests. The degree and skills have considerable weightage. Both are important and helpful in their own way. To succeed in life, one needs to be well versed in their field. Having incomplete knowledge with a degree is injurious to health. We must be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills that are required for our field. 

Skills and knowledge, both have equal weightage in the entire career life. Even, though it is said that a degree can't be anything if one is not expertise in his/ her field. A degree can help us earn the job, but skill can help us with lots of increments and a handsome salary. It is the skill which makes our reputation in front of all. The great people from history are skilled people, even if they did not have certifications for their knowledge. 

How we can enhance our skills?

We can enhance our skills

1. Always look for the ways to improve

2. Keep learning something

3. Self-evaluation for growth

Sharing some of the apps

3. Udemy- online course

One can learn a lot on this platform using videos and lectures from cooking to coding everything.

2. Great Learning

Great Learning is fabulous app when it come to certification and skill learning. Just grasp wonderful skill and run the world with the amazing skills.

3. edX

Another App which can help us to increase us value throughout the globe.One can gain new skills from 140 institutions. Join this app for free and take a trial, My buddies.

Stay connected.
Always keep growing, My buddies.

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