Time Blocking- A Complete Mantra to balance Time 

Does this happen to us, the time span is short and lots of work to do? Feels as if the whole day contains more than 24 hrs and that would help us to complete our target on time? 

Perfect Tambo is out. If applied, can make a huge difference in our lives.

The world comprises mixed communities having different cultures and lifestyles over the same span of time. Even, People across the globe manage it beautifully especially when it comes to the Japanese People. 

It depicts us that either, we control our time or it controls us. There were times when people did not have much to do. They could easily control their time. With Globalisation and Technology, World changed. It changed the Mentality of People and their mindset changed the place where we live in. 

Sharing Perfect Tumbo has made a drastic impact on the life of People. Research started when  People were aware of the concept of time and investment. 
It reflected the mindset and they consider the investment and right utilization of time. 

How to use the time using the Technique " Time Blocking " 

Time Blocking is basically blocking the time and adjusting accordingly. In other words, Time Blocking is a time management method that allows us to divide our whole day into blocks of time. Each Block is dedicated to performing similar tasks. 

Why Time Blocking?
Today's scenario expects to be a multitasker. With the growth of technology, the world seems to be faster than before. The standard of living seems to be rising and this has changed the expectation of People from themselves and others. Therefore, Achieving the desired result with the given resources is a challenging task. 

Variety of Time Blocking available with us:
  • Time Blocking
  • Day Theming 
  • Time Blocking

Day Theming means dedicating a day to one task. This is the extreme form of Task Batching. This can be used when we have lots of responsibilities and we can focus on one task at a time.
For instance, Every Monday focus on Content Creation, Every Tuesday focus on Research, and Every Wednesday focus on Content Promotion, etc.

Task Batching- Task Batching is we group similar tasks together and allot specific time in order to complete a particular task on time. By Tackling tasks in a group, we will limit the time of shifting. This saves our time and energy. 

For instance, scheduling a specific time for phone calls. Let's say 6 pm to 7 pm. 
Even, for replying to emails, one can use task batching. 

Time Blocking-   Time Blocking means dividing the whole day into chunks of blocks. Allot specific tasks in the given time in order to ensure more productivity throughout the day.
Therefore, Just replace these aspects with Multitasking and see the positive change in our lives.

Why Time Blocking is effective?
  • It helps us to focus on one task at a time which avoids multitasking.
  • Time Blocking ensures us mini-breaks that relax our mind and soul
  • Time Blocking makes us more productive and ensures targets on time.
  • Time Blocking helps us to do a self-analysis on a daily and weekly basis. Even, we can set targets for our staff and check their growth for our business or organization.
Tips for making Time Blocking 

To master Time Blocking, we will be sharing some tips. Remember, this needs practice, my buddies.
  • First of all, make a list of tasks that are supposed to do throughout the day. 
  • Start doing time blocking and remember to make a rough time blocking. Just use it for trial. 
  • Don't get too rigid.
  • Add buffer time blocking for unexpected events and tasks.
Many Time Blocking apps are available on the Play Store like Google Calendar. We personally like this and use this google calendar for our website work.

Thank you for your valuable time in reading our Blog. Keep Visiting for Positive Dose. Stay connected, My Buddies.

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