What if Healing transforms into an altogether cheerful individual 

Does this happen to us, when anyone uses painful words which hurt us from the bottom of our hearts? Any unexpected event with heavy loss that ends up breaking us emotionally? Does it happen when we recall our past trauma and keep on thinking and gradually regret about it? Did we overcome our Self-issues that trigger our self-healing?
Just think about it, my Buddies.

This concept was introduced when I was thinking about my past trauma and overthinking about it. In this way, I didn't let my wound heal which leads to (self-created) negativity by my own thoughts. I scrape my wounds. 

This happens with all at some point of time. That can be losing an opportunity, breaking a relationship with a loved one, losing the closest one in our life, or Childhood trauma. Let's say we remember someone daily to fuel our desire to do marvelous (for revenge) without forgetting it. This stops our healing.  Healing means cursing something that doesn't affect us anymore. Coming out of that situation becomes strong and leaves unnecessary things that can hurt our minds and hearts if we think about such things often. 

Under such circumstances, we can't handle ourselves. See the picture for more clarity.

If we can't heal ourselves, we will not be able to live our life peacefully. So, to live peacefully, It's important to heal ourselves completely and transform ourselves into new individuals.

My Buddies, just try to heal ourselves instead of moving on from any circumstances or unexpected events in our lives. Moving on is a situation when we come out of that circumstance with a heavy heart for taking revenge from that person.

What is Healing? 

Healing is basically recovering our wounds (injury). Where healing means recovering from a mental injury that we created through our mind and heart by negative self-talk. Even, toxic people around us create poisonous through harmful words or gestures that have a worse effect on our self-esteem( self-respect).  

Ways to Self-Healing 

1. Close the door for negative people for some time - Closing the door for people who create negativity in our life as we are working on the healing process. They will try to come unnecessarily to break our peace and then, our efforts for healing will not work. 

2. Add things that spread positivity inside our body and mind- Positive thoughts are somewhat tonic to our bodies and it gives mindblowing results. Even, it can kill any deadly/ dangerous diseases. Sleeping is that part of the day where chances are high that healing is faster as compared to daytime. We can do some spiritual activities before sleep. That can be mediation, reading a religious book, or reading some good concepts. Most importantly, positively conclude our day to circulate good vibes to ourselves.

3. Try to change the perception if anything happened wrong with us - Changing our point of view towards the given situation, can do wonders. 
For instance, If we have a half glass of water. It can be a half-empty glass for some people and a half glass full of water for others.

4. Positive influencers- Always stay connected with Positive people to get good vibes. As these people will never remain in negative vibes. These good vibes can have a drastic impact on our mind and body. 

We might be thinking that how we will connect with such people around us. We can associate with such people virtually too through Podcasts on Youtube, Spotify, and more. 

Another source of Positive thinking can be authors who shared their positive thoughts and deep life experiences using Novels.

Stay connected with us for such positive thoughts

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