The Discovery of our Adventurous journey called Life

What life does do to us? Our existence? Our fulfilling Our dreams and duties at the same time?

Life is just like we are here on the sole ride to live our life to the fullest and perform the different roles with lots of hidden challenges coming from time to time to test us. 

To strive for the hidden potential which we mend for and that is given to us by the Almighty. 

Let's go back to the time when we started our sole ride and reached our beloved Parents with a clean mindset. We don't know much about life. As we already discussed earlier, we reached with a clean mind. Whatever is taught to us, we grasp it, whether it is right or wrong. That much innocent creature we were used to be. 

Moreover, that innocent creature is most influenced by his/her Parents. They are the ones who have actually sown those seeds and nourished them with their thoughts and guidance till we attain maturity.

When we attain maturity, a lot of aspects took place in our minds that we can't detach with. Those feeling and hidden wounds kept inside us would stop us live our life. We are messed up in lots of elements that stop us from realizing the truth of the Word called " LIFE".

Either Live the life for ourselves or destroy the beautiful aspect called "LIFE'' by mixing the substance " Revenge".


Therefore, either we can let revenge, fear, and destroy our life or enjoy our life balancing both the heart and mind.

How do we perceive the Real World?

The way we perceive the world,

in the same way we make it. 


 Just read the above lines again, my buddies.

Perception has a lot to do with our lives. It all tells how we perceive life. Perception is the way we see our life. It is the way we approach the real world. In the same way, we catch different aspects from the environment. Let's say some are bold and easily accept things in positive ways. They sound and take life in a positive way by keep doing challenging opportunities that come their way. 

Their Perception makes their life. 

Purpose of our Life 

Everyone in this entire world has come to fulfill his/her role as a hero. The Almighty has given each of us the hidden potential that one has to strive for it. Each one of us has our own special journey with lots of ups and downs. Those ups and downs are challenging/difficult levels in the real-world game. After clearing a challenging level, we will enter into another more challenging level. 

Many unexpected events happened in our life to test our patience level, our strength, and even our ease in our life. With time, these unexpected events not only test us but also made us learn a lot of things after experiencing such events. Such experiences or events change us as a person. 

Tips for leading life

1. Get ourselves detached from the people.

2. Focus on the aspect called the goal. Associate our goals with the reason that takes our goals a long way.

3. Keep ourselves occupied with some kind of work. 

4. Just don't go for their activities that give us temporary leisure instead go for those activities which give us permanent leisure/growth.

5. Just keep doing good deeds whenever we get a chance. Such activities give us another level of satisfaction. 

Life is messed up,

nothing to do,

Just do whatever we have,

with whatever we can,

keep trying no matter whatever we can do now.

Thank you for your valuable time. 

Till our next meet.

Take care, my buddies.

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