Ways to Improve Focus and  Creativity

Does it happen, we delay the important things often? Even, delay these tasks intentionally due to past experience(worse) or other reasons? Does that stop us to achieve the goals?
If we feel like our life is out of control we try to delay things. Sometimes, circumstances stop us to perform a particular task just because of past, childhood personal issues, and more. This leads to spending numerous time on Social media, Pleasure, and Play. Such a Phenomenon is known as Procrastination. When we procrastinate rather than work on important tasks. 

Sharing the Procrastination Cycle

Sometimes we procrastinate and linger on the important task. Even, we are in guilt later on and get panic. For instance, during the time of exams, for preparing important presentations.

Let's know when it started considering the reasons behind Procrastination. 
  • Criticism
  • Frustration
  • failure
Usually, Procrastination is not the option when it comes to an important task. But, Past worse experiences force us to procrastinate and even, create a negative feeling for it and that particular task gets linger up.

How to overcome Procrastination with the motive to fulfill the Desired Goals:-

Keep track of our time - Tracking our time can help us and let us know why and how our tasks get delayed. Even, it guides us to reinvest the given time. We can observe where the time goes and we can adjust the time.

Positive Self-Talk - Self-talk is part of everyone's life. Self-talk can be positive or negative. Positive Self-talk is just like a medicine that can curb the issues of our life. This positive self-talk can encourage us to avoid procrastinating and achieve the desired goals in our life.

Quilt- free play quality work - One who procrastinates is not able to live their guilt-free time. That affects their personal and professional life. This reduces our productivity. Remember, just try to separate the fun time and work time to order to balance both in a beautiful way.

How do we start the work and stop procrastinating?

3-dimensional thinking - Achieving the Big Task is quite difficult. Using 3-dimensional thinking, we can achieve the desired goal by dividing the big task into small tasks. In this way, we can complete without procrastinating. This can be done by dividing the desirable goal into small goals as like a boy in the above picture.

Preparing for Set-Back- can encourage us and stop delaying the most important task. This can be done by adding a conditional situation in order to complete the task. For instance, complete the presentation only then attend the night party with friends.

In this way, we can avoid Procrastination and finish the Desired results.

Let us do this now, My People.
Till then, Take care 

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