A phenomenon without which we can't imagine a happy and healthy life? Does that affect our work capacity? or Might be our whole life?

Isn't it?

Yes, it affects.

Studies show that walking barefooted on the grass is good for health. Even, it can help us improves our automatic nervous system including our body temperature, blood pressure because we are physically connected with the earth's surface. 

Exposure to natural light in the daytime promotes a healthy sleep-wake cycle

Research has shown that it affects energy level and brain function. Even, it helps in the overall performance of the body. 

Research has shown that not having enough physical work leads to severe health diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, obesity.

The above pictures and facts show that the only solution to our health issues these days is to develop a healthy lifestyle. 

Few questions for self-check:-

Do we take efforts to cure our health during the time of body issues?

Do we have our full body checkup after the 50s?

Do we take precautions after getting to know about health issues?   

 A special message to youngsters

Instead of saying, we can make efforts for health by encouraging and supporting in the right direction, so that they can give their time to their health.

Supporting our parents/ elders for health purposes is of crucial nature. It's our responsibility to take care of their health too.

We are conscious of our health as we are taking small efforts for us and we can add our parents to this mission.

My Buddies!! Let's work on this.

Being in a child-parent relationship, It is crucial to get more concerned for their health at right time. They bring us into the world. Even, we can't forget that we are having mesmerizing life just because of them.

Let's make efforts so that they can give them wonderful old age. Believe! we can do it in a brilliant way. We are youth of the 21st century and super smart. This initiate of ours can bring a better life to live in.

Make our health a priority

Ways to start a healthy Lifestyle

1. Identify the bad/ unwanted habit in our life that needs to be changed for betterment.

2. Remove the negative triggers in our life.

3. Having a regular body checkup is a must.

4. Adding a Large Portion of income for a Healthy Diet.

5. Taking appropriate efforts to remain active throughout the day.

6. Appropriate amount of water intake is another right step and goodbyes to many diseases.

7. Numerous Indian spices which are good for digestion, can be permanently added to our meals.

8. Make a health journal in order to keep a check on a weekly basis.

9. Having healthy snacks available at home to avoid unhealthy food.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle for a longer duration 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle for a long duration leads to reduction of medicines intake, non- dependency on others, and living a happy life. In fact, we can celebrate the happiness of our children while living our peaceful life when we adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Sharing few apps that can work like a magic and support us in having a healthy lifestyle.

Have a look. 

  • MyFitness Pal

Myfitness pal is one of the best fitness and food apps available. This app can fulfill our many purposes at a time. For instance, information related to food calories, can track our meals all over the day, and even provide us substitute for different food products, healthy recipes, etc.  It keeps records of meals, water, exercise.

  • Headspace

Headspace is more than hitting a gym or what we eat. Headspace aims to reduce stress and gives peace and relax our body by providing a wide variety of sessions. 

  • Charity Miles

Contributing to the big cause gives positivity to our souls. Charity Miles does 2 tasks at a time. Moving for fitness and contributing to society.
 Using our phone's GPS, this app tracks our body workout. For each mile completed, 10 cents will be contributed to that charity. 

Wow! Let's give it a try, My Buddies.

Don't forget to share with the ones for whom we are conscious. 

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