Life is combined with numerous days that will lead to wonderful years. We know those wonderful years depends upon?

It depends upon how we end our day.

We might be thinking how?

What we do at the end of the day matters. At what

time we sleep? Whether we are active or not? Do we plan our day in advance or not? Our emotions at that time? And many things matter at the end of the day.

It is not important that we must follow specific routines and that is not mandatory. The thing that is important for everyone is that we must have a routine according to our needs and requirements.

That must be comprised of the element that is

important for our mental and physical health.

Moreover, that is soothing for the soul.

For instance, An old lady is not able to sleep just

because of problems that prevailing in the home.

Listening to bhajan provides relief to her.

Here, we heard regarding that old lady who was

stressed. Listening that she loves can change her

night and that can help her to start  another day in

beautiful way.

If she has not listened to what she loves to give her

relief. She has not ended the day in the way she needs to. Then, she might be suffering from any

worse nightmare.

Here is the list of the elements that can change our night and further can bring positive change in our another day and subsequently in whole life:-

1.   Sort out:- firstly, Sort out the issues. As we sort out our issues, we feel better. Try to do it on that particular day. These kinds of things can create more hustle and bustle in life. Don’t keep such things half done.

2.      Self-check- Self-check is the most important analysis in life. The ones who do it on regular basis, know the benefits of self-check. It is just like how people keep a check on us. Just like that, we can do in order to keep a check on us. Results of Self-Check are outstanding. We might have heard of Journaling, Introspection. These are ways of doing a Self Check. Some do Self -Check at the end of the day or others do at the end of the week. The first one would be more beneficial for us. My buddies, give it a try and Always look for improvement that we can add to another day using our experiences especially (our mistakes).

3.      Plan a day in advance- We might have heard from anyone” what we are supposed to do in the morning? It is better to sleep more. Nothing to do much.” In order to stop such things with us. It is important to plan our day in advance. That will create excitement for another day.

7.      Preparing self for sleep- Preparing ourselves for sleep is most important that we must end the day with a peaceful and healthy note with making our bed for sleep. In fact, Providing sufficient sleep to our body is mandatory. That varies from one person to another person. Stick to Body Requirement.  

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